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Constrained, bewildered, you search in the dark, in vain, for the faintest sign of light. Your vision, the litheness in your body, the mind unbound, have departed. Shackled to your dejection, the desensitising cold, the dimming of sensations, the slowing pursuit of clarity, all concoct into an alien terroir that is quickly becoming strangely familiar. Your world is closing in. You retreat, and find no sign of life to retrieve. 

So stationary it is almost tranquil, but not so unruffled that you could hear a rhythm reverberating beneath the surface. Little taps, persistent knocks for arousal. You realise then, that this desire to break open comes from within you.


It is happening. Your fogged vision is returning, you can hear the rustling sound of life beckoning. The tingling in your skin, the rush of blood to your head. Through the crevices in the surrounding facade, you see hints of turmoil, akin to when a bud spans out its petals to be free and wholesome. You are ready - you are ready to grab the most paper-thin promise as one of hope.  


Slowly, rumbling, the ground begins to shake. Your awakening is tumultuous, annihilative, unprecedented, simply unheard of. From the wrathful explosion, everything is broken apart, broken open, into sand and ashes, shards and pieces. 


In the glittering shower, so delicately iridescent and powerfully enlightening, you reach out to the fountain of inspiration, and allow your heart and soul to be nourished. From here onwards, you will be your own guiding force as your life begins to be transformed thousand times over.

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