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Past, present, future. On our journey in life, we hold our past in memories, as we experience the present, and imagine our future. Such is the way we conceptualise our time on Earth, the third planet of the solar system. Surrounded by land, sea, and air, we pursue life, liberty, and happiness. For the stars we reach, to rock bottom we fall, in our quest for the wellness and balance of the three elements of human spirits - mind, body, and soul.

From Julius Caesar to Abraham Lincoln, Confucius to William Shakespeare, the ancient Roman Empire to modernity, everything that comes in three is synonymous to perfection - omne trium perfectum.

Embodying the evolution of a raw, unrefined rock to sheer magnificence in the forms of 18-carat gold, fine diamond, and precious jadeite, Royan Jade’s three-ring collection, “Omne Trium Perfectum”, is an invitation to a daring, thorough, and mind-blowing transformation. Embrace the chaos, reconcile with the incongruities, until you are at peace with your being. Be inspired by the three rings of this collection: Look inwards to seek your desired state of being, be empowered by your self-discovery, and revel in the harmony that comes from within.

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